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Work with professionals you can rely on!

If you are planning to modernise or renovate your property or building, Deco Bau Mallorca will offer you reliable expert service.
We will support you in the planning and realisation phases of your modernisation or renovation projects by offering you our extensive expert knowledge, whether this involves minor renovation work or the complete refurbishment of your chosen property.

A professional renovation comprises a variety of operations. The competent and professional services offered by Deco Bau Mallorca include the installation of new bathrooms in older buildings, modern wall design or making your property accessible for people with impairments. If you choose to engage professionals when renovating your apartment or building, you can expect high-quality performance at fair prices and will be able to enjoy the new design of your living space. Older buildings have a lot of charm, and this will be more visible after the renovation than before as the magic of the old will be combined with modern design inside and outside the property. When performing these professional renovation works in older buildings according to high-quality standards, Deco Bau Mallorca will be able to take into account all your ideas; this includes working with colours, replacing older sanitary facilities and refurbishing doors and windows.

An excellent capital investment!

Are you considering repainting, a stone-slab wall in your living room or maybe a new driveway? There are many ways to lend new shine to your property through well-planned renovation work. For the Mallorca market, it is especially true that targeted measures of renovating and modernising will raise the value of a property.

We will be very happy to discuss your ideas with you and to make suggestions of our own. This will allow you to get a clear idea of the possibilities with regard to realising your renovation and modernisation plans.
Refurbishment, modernisation or renovation projects are an excellent capital investment and will ensure that your property will maintain its value.

Our modernisation and renovation expertise includes

  • villas, fincas, apartments, business realties and townhouses
  • careful restoration preserving old buildings and historical details for future generations
  • modern living comfort taking into account energy efficiency, sound insulation, and anti-burglary protection as well as light and space effects
  • smooth co-ordination between the client, project supervisor, co-ordinators and service providers
  • project management and supervision
  • independent advice for renovation projects

Contact us – We will be happy to help you!

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