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  • A Winter in Mallorca

The other Mallorca!

A Winter in Mallorca.

Having a lot to offer, Mallorca is a great place to be in winter, too!
Millions of tourists spend the summer on the Spanish island – not much of a surprise because here, you will find everything that makes a holiday perfect. Lovely beaches, great food and lots of entertainment are only a few of the reasons why so many tourists find Mallorca especially attractive. While the island is flooded by tourists in the summer, a very different, quieter atmosphere descends on it in winter. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and an air of tranquility will allow you to discover a different side of the island.

Mallorca is the perfect winter holiday destination for many of those with sporting ambitions.

Cyclists and walkers find Mallorca especially attractive. The mild climate is ideal for long walks or cycling tours. Sometimes there will be extensive snowfall in the mountains while there are still people bathing at the coast. This is when trips to the island’s snowy mountain landscapes will remind visitors of the Alps.

The variety Mallorca has to offer in winter is unique – you will find everything from mountaintops covered in snow to vast empty beaches with crystal-clear water. It is the size of the island which makes this possible. At the same time, nothing is far away, which means that you can easily combine spending time in the countryside, on the beach and in an urban surrounding.